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Jiangxi Tongqing Metal Handicraft Co., Ltd. is located in the newly-built Changkou Foreign Investment Industrial Zone in Nanchang City, covering 105.4 mu, with 620 employees and 46,000 square meters of workshop area. It is a professional manufacturer of metal handicraft integrating creative design and artistic casting. Company management norms, the establishment of the board of directors, board of supervisors, the establishment of Party branches, trade unions. There is a capable and efficient management team and a sound internal management system; there are a number of R&D personnel engaged in design and production; there are sales networks covering the whole country (offices, online shopping malls, etc.). The company is people-oriented, honest service, dedicated to technology.

The company has inherited the traditional metal processing methods (wax-free casting, forging, wire enamel, enamel carving, etc.), and introduced a large number of foreign advanced production technologies (gypsum mold art casting, thermal coloring, etc.). A series of artistic products such as gold, silver, bronze, aluminium alloy, stainless steel, cloisonne and wood carving have been developed. These artistic products not only have excellent traditional Chinese art style, but also have vigorous characteristics of the times. They are novel in shape, beautiful in appearance, sophisticated in materials and exquisite in craftsmanship. They convey the truth of culture, the beauty of art and people. The goodness of sex is the perfect combination of art and technology. After more than 20 years of development, the company has made remarkable achievements. It has inherited 38 sculptures of the commemorative group of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japan in Beijing, Lin Zexu in the Hong Kong Hall of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and Tengwang Pavilion in the Jiangxi Hall. General Secretary Hu Jintao has inscribed five national leagues of Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Guangxi as gifts from the Central People's Government. Jiebaoding; the bronze statue of the world's largest Amitabha Buddha station (Linzuting, Ludong); the statue of Dingguang Buddha sitting at 45.99 meters (located in Lingtai Mountain, Fujian); the world's largest silver Buddha statue (located in Jing'an Temple, Shanghai) cast with 15 tons of pure silver (located at Jing'an Temple), as well as the super-large bronze statue worker such as Maitreya Buddha sitting at 31.7 meters high. Cheng. For the United States, France, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore and other countries as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong and other consumers cast a large number of bronze works of art and urban sculpture, landscape sculpture, etc., favored by the majority of customers. The products developed by the company have created a reputation for Jiangxi Province, and the products exported have won foreign exchange for the country. Among them, "Jile" was awarded the Gold Prize of Art Castings at the 2012 China International Casting Expo; "Guanyin of Dunhuang Cave 194" was awarded the Gold Prize of Art Castings at the 2011 China Casting Parts Exhibition; and "Golden Bell of the World Expo" and "Golden Drum of the World Expo" were awarded the Gold Prize of Art Castings at the 2010 China International Casting Expo.

China Foundry Association has been awarded "Artistic Foundry Industry Base", "Chinese Artistic Foundry Training Base" and "Pioneer Enterprise" in the industry. Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture has been awarded "Jiangxi Cultural Industry Demonstration Base", "designated enterprises of the National People's Committee for the production of special commodities for ethnic minorities", and has been appraised by the people's government of Nanchang City. As a "research and demonstration base of artistic foundry", it was awarded the title of "Top Ten Cultural Enterprises" by the Propaganda Department of the Nanchang Municipal Committee of the CPC. It is the leading enterprise in Chinese art foundry industry. Three times, entrusted by the Art Foundry Branch of China Foundry Association, the training courses of copper alloy welding, surface treatment and smelting for art casting products were held. The technology we possess has been passed on unreservedly to the enterprises in the national industry, which greatly improves the technological level and casting quality of the enterprises in the industry, and has achieved a good demonstration role in the country. In 2014, it was awarded "National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base". Jiangxi has abundant copper resources. The company carries out deep processing of copper, extends the industrial chain and increases added value. Through creative, design, production, mold making, casting, renovation, finishing, surface treatment and other processes, we have created beautiful works of art for the vast number of consumers, reflecting better technical benefits. We have achieved fruitful results, made profits in successive years and made sustained and healthy development. The total assets of enterprises are 178 million yuan. Sales in 2012 amounted to 131 million yuan. As always, the company will create more fine arts for the society, create new achievements and show new style.

While striving to do a good job in large-scale engineering projects, the company, in the spirit of excellence, constantly explores and develops new modern art gifts, antique art collections, etc. to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of people and improve our quality of life. There are artistic bronze bells, bronze doors, lamps and lanterns with artistic ornamentation and practicality in one; Buddhist statues, gods and holy statues worshipped by religious believers; classics of famous European and American writers from the 16th to 20th century; modern sculpture works of art admired by both refined and popular tastes; bronze wares that reproduce the essence of bronze culture of our ancestors for thousands of years; and bronze wares that reshape the ancient palaces. The clan exclusively enjoys the palace treasures. We should let these precious treasures into ordinary people's homes and add more wonderful cultural charm to our lives. Let US inherit and carry forward the splendid copper art culture of the Chinese nation for 5000 years. Your concern and support is our driving force for progress!